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How to Increase Productivity in Your Business

Does your business not function as efficiently as you would like? Now is the time to assess your current business setup and improve productivity from both a managerial and employee perspective.

Improving Productivity from a Management Perspective

Review and Improve Technology

As a business owner, you are constantly busy with running your business. This can cause you to be unaware about your business process, and where it could be updated. It is crucial to review your current software and technology and how they interact with your business. If they don’t match your business model, it is time to try a different setup that will naturally be more efficient and better suits your business’ needs.

Adopt a Mindset of Continual Improvement

Let your employees know that you want them to improve items of concern before they become problems for the business. Proactivity is crucial for increasing productivity, as well as just making life easier for employees in the future. A way to show your devotion for improvement is to encourage learning opportunities for your employees. Provide your support in these endeavors, both internally and externally. An employee that feels supported will want to go above and beyond for your business.

Identify Performance Goals

Communication with your employees is the most important aspect of a business. The culture you create will either limit employees or motivate them. Performance goals are the way to do this. Give employees goals with deadlines and commit to the due date. It’s also important to give positive feedback and constructive criticism to your employees at the end of each project so they feel properly valued in the workplace for their contributions.

Improving Productivity from an Employee Perspective

It’s important to inform employees on how they can improve their own performance and productivity in the workplace. Create correspondence with these components in mind.

Avoid Unproductive Meetings

Most companies become involved in routine meetings for administrative and team purposes. It’s in good practice that employees take the time to write notes for their timely meeting whenever something of note happens. This strategy works better than scrambling to look prepared when the meeting comes, because your issues can properly be addressed. Simply creating a shared agenda that employees can contribute to before the meeting will boost productivity and provide better content to address.

Create a Balanced Work Schedule

As an employee, it can be very difficult to manage time with multiple tasks and deadlines that create an overwhelming environment. It is very easy to feel burnt out in the workplace. Having a better schedule can improve energy levels and boost morale. Employees must utilize their breaks efficiently. For example, have a change of scenery when it is time for a break. Exercise can vastly improve the way one feels at work. It is important to move around and get the blood flowing while at work, because of the natural, sedentary nature. It can be a smart tactic to implement time blocks for tasks. Stay focused on a task for an hour and then walk around for a stretch after the fixed duration. This will create a beneficial rhythm where an employee can feel productive without feeling burnt out.

Do Not Attempt to Multitask

Fun fact: multitasking is actually a myth. It is not possible to complete multiple tasks at once. You actually complete tasks slower this way because your brain can only focus on one task at a time. Multitasking is not productive despite the way it is shown. Having a task schedule for multiple items due is a better way to effectively use your time than trying to commit to all of them at the same time.

Office productivity can vastly improve when both business managers and employees are dedicated to improving their quality of work. Productivity does not change instantly but these ideas can help a business step in the right direction towards improvement.